About Us

Back in 1976 Marion and her husband were searching for a family pet for their three boys.  At a nearby dog show she saw some beautiful red and white spaniels that she could not identify.  In talking with their owners, she was told they were Welsh Springer Spaniels and that there was a three week old litter in Pennsylvania.  After visiting that litter and breeder she arranged to come home with a puppy weeks later.  A friend of Marion’s encouraged her to show the puppy, who was named Sylabru’s Red White and True (Trudy).  She finished her Championship, passed her health tests and was bred in 1979.  Marion kept a female and has continued to show and breed today, forty years later!  Truepenny, named after Trudy, means “A trusty honest fellow” in old English.

 Judy went to a dog show in 1994 interested in looking at another breed.  She later came across several Welsh Springers who were about to go in the show ring. Later that day, in talking to their owners, Judy realized the description of the breed was what she was looking for.  She was also introduced to Marion that day.  Sixteen months later and many trips to watch Marion’s dogs at shows, Judy got her first Welsh Springer from Truepenny.  Ch. Truepenny Quite A Delight, (Penny) was the foundation bitch of Pennylane and lived to just a few weeks shy of her sixteenth birthday.   During Penny’s early years, Judy and her husband welcomed two daughters and she became a loving family dog and childhood playmate to them.

 For the last twenty years Marion and Judy have spent many hours talking about Welsh Springers, collaborating on possible litters and traveling in the car together to go to locations of planned breedings and dog shows.  If either Marion or Judy left the dog world today, they would still be dear friends!!